Sadaf & Tamour ~ 31/07/2015

A big congrats to Sadaf and Tamour on their wedding which took place at The Conservatory on Friday, 31st July 2015. The venue was transformed beautifully with the help of candelabras, flowers and a mix of pink, white and gold to create a vibrant atmosphere.


A white and gold heavy carved sofa matched with two chairs to go on either side with a silver and gold background to compliment the stage as a whole.


Two centerpieces: A nature-inspired white blossomed tree with candle bobbles hanging down. The second centerpiece was a plain silver candelabra which helped balance out the ‘elegant’ aspect of the wedding theme.


Sadaf & Tamour chose one of our highly recommended and preferred caterers ‘Wishes Caterers’.


A range of soft drinks were served along with the reception canapés.


Last but not least, the cake! This beautiful cake was designed by the bride’s sister.

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