~ Wedding Planning Checklist ~

I know a lot of you are already starting to plan your weddings for next year and even 2017 and 2018 (very organised), so here are a few essential things you need to do in the run up to your BIG DAY… 

1. Search around for a venue


There are various types of wedding venues out there so it’s all about what you want for your special day.

If it’s a stunning marquee located in a private area that you want then The Conservatory is the place for you. With our beautiful starlight ceiling, passionate events team and vast amounts of space, it is the perfect venue for your Wedding day.swirly-line                 2. Work within a budget  ~  It’s the little things that add up                      so take these in to account when working out your budget.

Please see the following venue hire prices for The Conservatory:

swirly-line      3.  Have a way of documenting & planning everything

~ wedding folder

4. Choose the wedding party


Why not choose someone from the wedding party to be our point of call in case something goes wrong on the day (hopefully this would not happen)? This way you can enjoy your day without any worry.


5. Reserve a date at the venuecalendar-2016-2017 We can hold dates for you for 10 days here at The Conservatory to make sure whilst you are making that important decision, the date does not go.

*2016 dates are going fast*

swirly-line6. Research caterers, photographers, bands and florists etc ~ Whether it’s in house caterers, preferred caterers or other supplier’s information you need, we have it here! Give us a call on 01582459216 for any contact details you need for your Wedding.

Hoo's Food Logo

7. Book entertainment ~ on the day we have a Duty Technician who will look after all of your lighting and sound so you don’t have to!

8. Purchase the dress and outfits for the wedding party

Lucy and Ben Wedding 1Emmerson_259

swirly-line9. Book hotel rooms

Have you got guests travelling from afar? Forget about who is going to be the taxi for the night and stay in close vicinity to the venue.

We have got an amazing deal with The Aubrey Park Hotel:

Double Room, Bed & Breakfast, £75!

swirly-line10. Photographer/videographer is chosen

11. Send out invites to all guests


It might be worth attaching directions to the venue as it makes it easier for the guests to find it without being late for your beautiful wedding.

swirly-line12. Compose a timeline for the day ~ if you forward this on to us we can ensure the smooth running of the day!

13. Finalise the menu – book a tasting

   chocolate tart Anti Pasti (2) baby chicken, potatoes, almonds and rocket

swirly-line14. Choose drinks for the bar and any drinks packages you would like!

Now everything is planned ~ relax and enjoy your day



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